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About Us

Throughout the ages from the earliest days of Islam to contemporary times today Muslim Women have been and continue to be active leaders in their communities and countries across the world , We members of the Masthurath Educational & Economic Trust declare gender equality to be an intrinsic part of the Islamic faith, As Muslim women we affirm our conviction that the Muslim women is worthy of respect and dignity that as a legal individual, spiritual being social person, responsible agent, free citizen and servant of god, she held fundamentally equal right to exercise her abilities and talents in all areas of human activities, further more we insist that this right are embodied within the Quran. As the Members of the Trust we embrace our collective and individual responsibility is to work towards building a unified change movement of Muslim women- driven by compassion and justice that it will enable Muslim women to realize their full potential as individual and relationship to family, community , nation and globe

Our Mission

To serve as a local and inclusive Trust of Muslim women scholars a activists, and specialists that will:
1. Engage with issues of social injustice, against Muslim women through critical review and interpretations of legal and religious texts, and practices.
2. Disseminate these interpretations around the world and in doing so re -establish women’s authority in religious discourse.
3. As supported by the pluralism inherent in Islam to enable women to make dignified and autonomous choices.
4. Develop a verity of training programs both short term intensive and long term, in order to equip women with expertise in the Islamic legal and ethical traditions.

Our Vision

To generate a space in which Muslim women actively dialogue, debate, and collaborate on pressing issues of social justice in order to articulate ethical and egalitarian Islam.

We seek  of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and women live in dignity and security.




The Trust will fulfill four primary needs for the community, Muslim women, and society at large.
Educate women and men, Muslim and Non Muslim, on the principles of gender equality, and social, economic and political justice in Islam.


Employ extensive expertise in the Islamic legal traditions, humanities and social sciences, and local contexts, in order to connect and apply the Islamic legal traditions to the most pressing issues, facing Muslim women today and develop strategies for creating constructive social change.


Challenge unjust interpretations of the law and Islam’s primary texts by offering analyses that are simultaneously faithful to Islamic jurisprudence and a vision of women’s empowerment.


Promote council positions and members’ scholarships through the media