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“Bringing out the best in every child…”

Welcome To Iqra English School


“Est. in 2007 under the Management of Masturath Educational and Economic Trust
And is Recognised by the Government of Karnataka”


About Us

Throughout the ages from the earliest days of Islam to contemporary times today Muslim Women have been and continue to be active leaders in their communities and countries across the world

Our Vision

To generate a space in which Muslim women actively dialogue, debate, and collaborate on pressing issues of social justice in order to articulate ethical and egalitarian Islam.

Our Mission

Engage with issues of social injustice, against Muslim women through critical review and interpretations of legal and religious texts, and practices.

Why Iqra English School?

Backed by a dynamic and enthusiastic management-Masturath Educational And Economic Trustand an experienced Teacher, the Principal Iqra English School has emerged as one of the top schools in Ramanagarm. The school motto is Courage, Compassion, and Commitment and the students of the School imbibe these values through the Curriculum that is followed as well as through all extra-curricular activities that are a part of the School. Blessed with the best teaching staff that Ramanagarm can boast of, coupled with state of the art infrastructure, Iqra English School is the preferred School at Ramanagarm


About School

Iqra Nursery & Primary school is a co-educational institution established in 2007 under the Management of Masturath Educational and Economic Trust and is Recognised by the Government of Karnataka. Since its inception, the school has always aimed at student empowerment by exploring and expanding the horizons of knowledge.

Education With a Difference

The classrooms at NHPS have students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Every teacher goes beyond academics and channelises the energy of the students in a positive manner. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach in the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating.

Core Values

Compassion for fellow beings. Integrity in thought, word and deed. Respect for our ancient traditions and values. Emphasis on moral, social and intellectual ethics. Respect for individuality and responsibility towards society. Bringing about, in every student, an all round educational effectiveness.

Iqra school is highly successful in meeting its aims and offers excellent education